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Shuvayan’s love for singing goes back to his childhood days; his heart beats with music; music runs in his blood. He has tried to fight against his genes but he has lost the battle every time – Shuvayan ultimately had to sing He loves playing the harmonium and with his 2 years old daughter Sansthita. Though he has been a more passionate singer rather than being a software engineer, Shuvayan still has a successful IT career to his credit. A person who can balance work-life-passion in a perfect way, he believes that in life it is just not enough to dream, but work harder to chase and realize the dream. A man of commitment, Shuvayan always keeps his promises. His expertise in music composition and arrangement is well known. If Shuvayan could brush up his acting skill, he would have been a perfect match for a role of bengali jamindar.



Debiprasad aka Debi is the chatterbox of the team and he is famous for sharing anecdotes, cracking jokes and gossiping with his friends. People usually mistake him as 20-years old guy and you will still find him taking Sachin Tendulkar’s blessing from his posters before venturing in a crucial assignment. A workaholic in nature, Debi also invests time in photography, football, cinema and theatre. Poetry is his first love and he stays up at night to pen down the lyrics for Platonic. A business consultant in an MNC, Debi is famous for his personal networking – you will always find him surrounded by people (most of them are good looking girls)  at office , in the para adda…where not!! You will also find Debi strumming a black guitar and singing to himself when others are not around. A true perfectionist Debi always set milestones for himself to complete his task bang on time!! The only thing which keeps him going – chicken in any form!!!


Music has been his stimulant, and he would rather take a music break than a coffee break while working with banking software in a leading public bank. A graphics and designing guru, Srijan loves to play the percussions. His friends know him as the “Idea-factory” and he is the mastermind behind the innovative ideas which the band implements. Though his hairline seems to be recede day by day, his intelligence quotient is always on the rise!! His dedication, passion & enthusiasm has helped Platonic stand upright, face the odds in times of crisis and his constant encouragement has made Platonic sail in the turbulent times. His role as a rickshaw-puller in a college fest, had earned him accolades along with a lovely nickname – RIXA



Aditya has always believed in taking the road less travelled by, and even though he may end up getting bruised & broken-down by doing so, he never regrets and sternly sticks to his decision. Aditya is an animal lover and you will find him feeding the road-side dogs. The mastermind behind the band, Platonic was created due to Aditya’s enthusiasm and till date the band’s heart is safely tucked away in his pocket. Rumor has it that Aditya’s neighbor’s pet dog had committed suicide because of his unbearable power drumming. Aditya is a kind of guy who can happily reject an invitation to the White House to join his classmates at a road side tea stall.



Whether in college canteen or fest, Subhanku was always the most popular singer greeted with thundering claps from his mates. The “Sidhujyatha” of Platonic, Subhanku is a knowledge repository – give him any topic and he will keep you engrossed for 10 minutes with non-stop gyan. Subhanku has no complains about his life and he loves to spread happiness & cheer among the group. His friends call him HATI and whenever you see him that thousand watt smile will never go unnoticed. A prize winning collector of postal stamps and antique items, Subhanku is only a bit concerned about one thing – his vanishing hair!!